Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic physical therapy is a vital component of functional rehabilitation for patients who have limited tolerance to land-based exercise.

Do You Know About The Healing Properties of Water For Chronic Pain?

Aquatic therapy is a form of physical therapy that takes place in water, usually in a clinic pool. Water healing or hydrotherapy has calming effects that can help with pain relief and relaxation and aids in increasing motion and mobility.

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What Conditions Can Aquatic Therapy Improve?

Believe it or not, aquatic therapy is a method of relief that has been practiced for hundreds of years by many cultures.

The benefits of aquatic therapy include:

  • Improving flexibility and movement
  • Assisting with locomotion and gait
  • Increasing aerobic capacity for better health
  • Improving coordination and balance
  • Reducing stress and promoting relaxation
  • Building muscle strength and endurance
  • Enhancing the healing process to decrease recovery time

Aquatic therapy may be added to your current physical therapy treatment plan under the discretion of our Idaho physical therapist.

What Is A Typical Aquatic Therapy Session Like?

Aquatic therapy sessions will take place in the water and will most likely begin with moderate, low-resistance workouts targeting the lower and upper extremities. Treatment will then progress to more complex cardiovascular and core motions, such as jogging, squatting, arm and leg swings, and leg swings. After your session, there will be some cool-down methods.

Benefits Of Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy at Wright Physical Therapy can provide the following benefits to your physical therapy treatment.

Pain Relief

The most obvious advantage of aquatic therapy is pain relief! Many conditions, including arthritis, chronic pain, lower back pain, orthopedic injuries, sprains, strains, and tendonitis, can benefit from aquatic therapy.


It provides a soothing and relaxing environment for aching muscles and joints.


Its natural resistance can be used to increase the rehabilitation process and strengthen muscles.

Hydrostatic Pressure

It provides a soothing and relaxing environment for aching muscles and joints.

Improved Breathing

The respiratory muscles are forced to work harder during aquatic therapy, which helps you breathe better.


Water has a natural buoyancy for flotation and reduces gravity on aching muscles and joints. There is less pain when you exercise in water.

Water Propagation/Turbulence

Wave propagation and turbulence allow our physical therapist to gently manipulate your body.
Benefits differ from person to person based on what your end goal is for your therapeutic program, but overall you should expect to feel much better after each session with your therapist!

Are You Ready To Say Goodbye To Pain And Hello To Aquatic Therapy?

Do you believe aquatic therapy is a good fit for you? Aquatic therapy will likely be beneficial to you if you are looking for relief and relaxation. To get started, make an appointment today!

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