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WorkWright Services

WorkWright was developed to increase your company’s bottom line, strengthen employer peace of mind and improve employee morale. Each of our services listed below can be customized to fit the unique needs of your company and meet your goals. Our focus in extending services to your company is to drastically improve efficiencies for administrators and prevent as many injuries/claims as possible through appropriate intervention.

When injuries occur, our goal is to return the injured employee to work effectively while minimizing medical costs and lost productivity. Outstanding communication between your company, our rehabilitation, and wellness team, and the physician is the keystone to the process. I am confident our relationship with you will assist you in reaching your company’s safety and injury prevention goals in efficient and innovative ways.

Functional Job Analysis and Description

This cost-effective service will provide your company with the ability to analyze and update job descriptions as well as manage future updates to your job description. The final functional job description (FJD) contains a list of critical demands for each job that is created through an onsite analysis. Typical parameters include job demands such as: lifting, pushing, pulling, sustained positions, repetitive motions, upper extremity coordination, balance, walking, sitting, and forward bend work. These are all measured by OBJECTIVE dynamometer tests. Once you have FJDs, you can compare the needs of the job to pre-work screen (PWS) results, develop goals for return to work and enhance employee morale. Wright Physical Therapy will aid in the validation process for both the FJD and the PWS, thus making both the FJD and the PWS legally defensible.

Pre Work Screens (PWS)

In order to assess the appropriate placement of an employee to a specific job, PWSs have proven to be cost-effective methods to match the potential employee to job demands. The test items of the screen will match the requirements listed on the physical job demand portion of the job description. A solid validated PWS will have clear objective physical thresholds that the potential employee must meet to be cleared for employment. This doubles as a training moment for the employee to understand ergonomics.

Dynamic Warm Up and Team Training

Wright Physical Therapy has implemented dynamic warm-up routines for employee teams. These routines reduce injury and engage employees. We also provide annual training for employees regarding ergonomic and safety principles and can set up one-time or recurring training programs according to your schedule.

Ergonomic Solution Reports

Realistic ergonomic intervention is a combination of ingenuity, creative ideas, problems solving, and practicality due to space, time, and budget constraints. We offer a worksite assessment to solve ergonomic problems.

Injury Prevention Wellness Programs

As the average age of our working population increases, the need to address age-related health problems becomes increasingly important. One of the tools in reducing injuries in the workplace is to offer a powerful and effective wellness training program. We offer these wellness training programs through SciAthlete Human Performance Training, our other service division.

First Aid Consult (FAC)

When an employee gets hurt on the job, the most important step is to get quick and appropriate diagnostics. Wright Physical Therapy’s FAC was innovated to be a bridge between hoping the injury heals on its own and escalating to a possible recordable injury. A FAC is administered in any of our clinics by a doctor of physical therapy, lasts about 45 minutes with first aid treatment, and gets diagnostics to you about the severity of the injury and next steps needed. We look forward to sharing with you the results other companies are experiencing from this service!

Return to Work Program (RTW)

When an employee is injured, functional tests are administered to them in our clinics to determine an appropriate RTW plan. This plan is written by one of our DPTs and presented to the physician, the employer and employee for approval. The plan includes RTW gradients and goals with time frames. (The Industrial Commission reports more than a 300% increase in overall cost to the company for each claim where the employee is off work during recovery rather than performing light duty.) The RTW programs we implement are done in a way that achieves maximum benefit to the employee and employer.

Communication between physician, employer, case manager, and therapist is critical in care coordination to ensure the fastest and safest return to work for the injured employee. To aid in this communication our WorkWright Industrial Solutions division has an Employer Portal. This web-based resource allows for safety administrators to view employee appointments, progress notes, company functional job descriptions, formatted / completed pre-work screens, and our training materials.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

We offer Functional Capacity Exams for the injured employee to determine what their current functional abilities are. Our two-day Workwell FCE is the gold standard in our industry. We have a number of Doctors of Physical Therapy that are Work Well certified administrators of the evaluations in each of our clinics.

I recommend the gradual utilization of each of these services to enhance your safety programs and improve your bottom line. At the same time, I recognize that each company has its own unique needs and the timing of adding services will be based on your current dynamics. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing as much or as little of our services as you would like to work within your organizational goals. Call us as outlined below or email me at to set up your complimentary Safety Enhancement Meeting. We look forward to serving you.

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