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Wright Physical Therapy was founded in 2008 with the strong belief that optimal healing requires a blend of great character with compassionate competence. Recognizing that a high level mixture of those characteristics results in excellent care, it takes the right team to make that happen. We are always looking for those passionate individuals to join our team to inspire a life of joy to the people, communities, neighbors we serve.

Internship Opportunities:

  • One on one mentoring
  • Weekly hands on training
  • Monthly journal club
  • Orthopedic Certified Residency program
  • Experience and learn mechanical therapy applied with certified expertise
  • Business development externship opportunities
  • Experience our bridge programs with high performance training
  • Gain knowledge of industrial solutions in rehabilitation through our Work Well program
  • Access to our unique student training module with emphasis on evidence based medicine
  • Access to protocols, Medbridge, clinic library, and other expert resources
  • Use of our customized and proprietary software that allows for ease of treatment

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How Wright Prepares You to Be a Physical Therapist

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